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Thanks for stopping by my site! Here’s a little bit about me.  

I grew up in Massachusetts, but currently live in Connecticut. I am a Christian and also a pianist. While working at Whole Foods in college, my interest in health and wellness began. However, it wasn’t until a few years later when I was married and in control of all my own meals that I started to make real changes. I originally had acne, mood swings, low energy, terrible, sometimes debilitating monthly periods (major cramps and headaches, among other things), and would occasionally pass out for no apparent reason. 

When I first changed my diet, I primarily noticed a major increase in energy (compared to having to take a nap everyday). However, I still had my other issues. A couple of years later, I started trying to get pregnant. After a year of being unsuccessful, I visited a naturopathic doctor, who ran a full panel of bloodwork on me. The results showed I most likely had PCOS, which is the number one cause of infertility, and some thyroid irregularities. My doctor prescribed herbs and hormones to get my hormones in balance so I would be able to conceive. I started getting better, but not as quick as I wanted. 
I turned to the Whole30 diet out of desperation. My acne cleared and I found myself with a new confidence and sense of control. I didn’t get the fertility results I wanted, but I got SO MUCH more. My 1st round of W30 launched me full scale into healthy eating, and I’ll never look back. After continuing to work with a doctor on hormone and gut health, and eating with my food freedom choices while not doing a W30 reset, I currently have incredible relief. I have next to no headaches, mood swings, period cramps, fatigue, or acne. The sense of calm is priceless. I only wish I had started this journey sooner! 


I’d like to invite you to stay for awhile, and check out what my blog has to offer!

This site will focus on a variety of health and wellness topics. I lean toward Whole30, Paleo, and Weston A. Price lifestyles. On my site you’ll find recipes, book reviews, and articles on Whole30, infertility, and clean living. I also have some awesome discounts or referrals for some great products, so be sure to check those out too!

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