Coronavirus Immune Support

There is a LOT of worry and panic in our world right now. We all want to stay really healthy right now, but stress is bad for our immune system!

I shared on my instagram earlier this week some simple, natural ways I’m boosting my immune system. Below are the same points, plus a few new ones, now with links to get you right where you need to be!

Washing my hands-working in a gym, it’s so sad to see this isn’t always a common practice. This one should be a no brainer!

Getting enough sleep-sleep is VITAL to stay healthy and fight anything off.

Eating nourishing whole foods-not that I’m banning all treats, but I’m trying to eat mindfully.

Drinking bone broth-EXCELLENT for gut health, and most of your immune system is in the gut.

Upping my supplement intake-I’m not a doctor so always check with yours 1st before changing anything! Currently I’m taking more C and D supplements, as well as L-Glutamine.

Taking probiotics-also good for immunity and gut health. Klaire Labs is my favorite.

Using hand sanitizer-only when I don’t have access to soap and water. This is the recipe I’m using, and it’s up to the CDC’s standard and reviewed by a board certified doctor. It’s also the same recipe that the New York governor is encouraging people to make at home.

Hands free lip balm-I had been using lip balm that I had to put on my finger then onto my lips, but after realizing how germy that can be if I’m out and about without access to soap and water, I started carrying homemade chapstick so my fingers don’t have to touch my face any more than necessary.

Drinking elderberry syrup-this stuff has great reports of preventing the flu and cold, so I’m drinking this daily too. Here is the recipe I use, I made the Instant pot version. A bonus for me is that I need to take local honey daily for my seasonal allergies during the spring, so this is me multi-tasking!

Meditating-as always! Just trying hard not to miss a session during this pandemic.

Oregano Oil-this stuff is POTENT! This is my go-to any time I feel a cold coming on, and it ALWAYS has stopped it in it’s tracks if I catch it early. I put about 5 drops in water and gargle it. Don’t drink this! Be sure to spit it out when done gargling. Depending on how sick I feel, I may do it all throughout the day. But if I’m just doing it for prevention when everyone is getting sick (like now), I just do it before bed. I don’t have a link for it as I bought mine at a local health store.

Let me know below what you’re doing to keep your immunity up high!

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    1. thecleanhappylife

      Such a great suggestion! I’ve never heard of it so I just looked it up, looks soooo fascinating! I will have to delve into this more.

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