Goal Setting Via Vision Boards

Jim Kwik says we should be running toward our goals as if they’re on fire. And why not? We only have one life, why not make our dreams come true? Why keep putting them off?

As we get closer to the end of the year, people (myself included) start to think of what we want to do or who we want to become through the next year. This is the perfect time to make a vision board!

Vision boards are a clear and concise way to go after your dreams and goals. To make a vision board you have to clearly define what it is you actually want. Then having the board itself keeps those goals present and in front of you.

A vision board simply starts off as a bulletin board or a bulletin board sized piece of cardstock. I prefer to use a bulletin board since I can’t draw well and I can simply pin what I want to the board. Typically with a cardstock version, people draw on it rather than only place pictures on it.

Once you have your bulletin board/cardstock, it’s time to set a time frame. Some people make their vision board to cover a 1 year period, other’s a 5 year period, and some 10 years. I personally like to keep mine for roughly 1 year, then update it as needed. So mine is my bigger goals, but it may change as I change and evolve.

Some people make a set board and that’s it for 5 years. Then when the 5 years are up, they make a new one. I prefer as I said above to just change things out as needed.

Once you settle on your time frame, it’s time to get really clear on your goals! Be as specific as possible. Don’t just put “travel”. Actually put the places you want to go to! If you want to have a certain career, get specific. Maybe put down the school you want to attend or the certification you want to receive. Put down a specific place you want to work at.

Now that you have your goals, gather pictures. If you’re artistically inclined and you have a cardstock vision board, you may want to draw your goals. But if you’re like me, you’ll want to gather pictures that represent your dreams. I printed photos of places I want to visit, and a cut out a section from a pamphlet of the place I want to work at. Those are just a few examples. Some goals may be the type of place you want to live in, a pet you want, something you want to accomplish, an item you want to own, etc.

Attach your photos to your board. I left half the board blank so that when I accomplish my goal, I can move the photo to the other side and see what’s come true.

Place your board in a spot you see often! The point of a vision board is to keep your dreams and goals alive and out in the open to keep you motivated.

That’s it! I hope you find this inspirational and helpful. Have you ever created a vision board before? Did it help you reach your goals?

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