While keto is all the rage along with low carb diets, some people, myself included, are actually looking to carb load and bulk up! While there’s so many people making flashy YouTube videos of athletes carb loading on junk food, I still want to be healthy while I stuff myself! 😉 Here are some high carb Whole30 foods, and these are all Paleo and Gluten Free as well!

Why would you want high carb paleo foods?

Many people try paleo, and even Whole30 for that matter, to lose weight. Therefore, it’s commonly thought that paleo is low carb, since not only does it cut out all grains, but also since low carb itself is usually touted as a great way to lose weight. Not that there is no truth to low carb helping with weight loss, but paleo does not automatically equal low carb.

Paleo simply removes all grains (those with gluten and without it), dairy, legumes, and certain sugars. It leaves in all fruits, certain sweeteners, and all vegetables, including high starch vegetables. These are all high carb foods, and they’re all allowed on a paleo diet.

Furthermore, the paleo diet does not have any guidelines as to how much or how little to eat. You can overdo it with fruits, potatoes, and maple syrup and still be considered paleo.

Individuals may want to eat a high carb paleo diet when they workout a lot or are very active. They may want to eat a high carb meal right before and/or right after a workout to fuel then refuel their workout. Carbs are quite helpful to fuel a workout, so eating carbs right before a workout can make a big difference in how heavy you lift, or the volume of your workout.

From personal experience, not eating enough carbs before a workout really affected my workout. I was quickly winded and burnt out fast, compared to other workouts where I had eaten a lot of fast acting carbs before my workout.

Other individuals may want to carb load in order to bulk up and make muscle gains. If you’re trying to hypertrophy (grow your muscle), it’s critical to eat a lot of protein and, you guessed it, carbs! Carbs are so important to muscle gains and you want to have some ready to eat after a workout.

The bottom line here is, if you want a ripped body or a bigger booty, you gotta eat carbs!

High Carb Whole30 Foods

Here are some sides and full meals that are high carb paleo foods:

Whole30 Mashed Potatoes

Nothing beats good old fashioned mashed potatoes! The ultimate comfort food, perfect for your muscle building gains! This recipe is totally dairy free, using no butter or dairy milk. Yet it still comes out creamy and tasty! I like to bulk up my meals with these on a big workout day such as legs or full body.

Sausage Sheet Pan Supper

A tasty and easy meal, perfect to eat after a big workout! Not only does it have sausage for a protein source, but it also has sweet potatoes which are high in carbs, and onions and carrots, both of which are not exponentially high in carbs but certainly not low in carbs either!

Grab the recipe here and make it on meal prep day!

Pesto Sheet Pan Dinner

Here’s another sheet pan meal that’s high in carbs and protein! Filled with Italian sausage and white potatoes, it’s a perfect post workout meal to bulk up on. It’s also quite tasty with pesto! Pesto is nearly impossible to find a nut and dairy free version of, but this paleo recipe is just that- allergen friendly and delicious too!

Break out your sheet pan and cook up this recipe!


To really add carbs to those potatoes listed above, make this paleo gravy recipe! Cassava flour is the base of this gravy, and cassava (or yucca) is HIGH in carbs. So up and carb up! It’s an easy way to add carbs to an already high carb side. Alternatively, add it to your protein if you are low on carbs on the side. It’s delicious with chicken or turkey!

Potato Salad

This high carb side dish is my summer go to for carb loading! When it is hot outside, mashed potatoes just aren’t as appealing. Eating hot food on a hot day isn’t always so exciting! Potato salad comes into play here, and another great thing about it is that you can make a large batch at the beginning of your week and pull from it before and after every workout! You can also up the carb content by adding in onions.

To up the protein, you can also add in bacon and boiled eggs. Protein is always a plus when trying to bulk up!

A classic potato salad recipe would be this one from Gimmesomeoven. It has a few different options for you, so it’s a good basic recipe with some ways to switch it up.

High Carb Whole30 Foods
High Carb Whole30 Foods

Did you enjoy this list of high carb Whole30 foods? Leave me a comment below and let me know any questions you may have!

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If you make any of these recipes, share your results and tag me on Instagram @thecleanhappylife! I love to see your results and how it came out!

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  1. Wow! I’ve never heard of High Carb Whole 30! This is very new to me & I’m very interested in looking more into it thanks to your beautiful blog! Thanks for sharing!

    1. thecleanhappylife

      Yes! It’s a common misconception that Whole30 automatically equals low carb, but the rules of what is and isn’t allowed have nothing to do with the carb content! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

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