Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday shopping is here! Not sure what to get your friends and family? This list will help you give gifts that are healthy and sustainable!


  • Instant Pot – this is the one I love and use! It’s perfect for busy lifestyles and has many different functions.
  • Ninja All-in-one multi cooker– If I was buying a new pressure cooker today, this is the one I’d buy. It can also, dehydrate AND air fry!
  • Cookbooks- The Wellness Mama Cookbook by Katie Wells is fantastic for busy families who want to eat healthy without breaking the bank! This was the first healthy cookbook I purchased. A newer cookbook, Eat What You Love by Danielle Walker has quickly become my favorite paleo cookbook! Read my review here.
  • Thrive Market gift card – Thrive Market has great deals on healthy foods! Great for families with allergies and dietary restrictions. Give this to a family you love!
  • New Primal kits -New Primal has some of the tastiest sauces and dips around! Many are Whole30 approved and they have tons of variety, including steak sauce and coconut aminos!
  • Primal Kitchen kits – Primal Kitchen also has many Whole30 approved dressings, and they are all super tasty! Gift one of their kits!


  • EMF blocking clothes – If you have family or friends who fly often, these clothes are perfect to protect them from high levels of EMFs and radiation while flying! There’s a coat, shirt, and hoodie.
  • Essential oil bracelets – There are a few different jewelry options for oils, but these are my favorite as they actually hold the scent in for a long time! This is a plain one great for men or women, but these are more colorful.
  • Compression Socks – There are SO many fun options! Lots of bright patterns, or you can go with basic, solid colors. These are great for friends with low blood pressure, or who stand on their feet all day.
  • Organic/sustainable clothes- Buying organic clothing is great for you and the environment, and buying fair trade clothes is the most humane way to shop. While they tend to be more expensive, here are some options from Amazon for women: Dress, classic shirt, and for men: Shirt, Pants.

Health and Wellness-

  • Acupressure mat – Lots of benefits to acupressure mats! Linked is the one I use and love. It’s a good price for a gift, but if you’d like to spend a little more, this one is organic and comes with a carrying case.
  • Blue blocking glasses – These are great if you work with screens all day, or just to help your circadian rhythm at night! If you wear prescription, this pair can fit over most glasses.
  • Essential Oil diffuser – The Now brand is the one I use and love! There are lots of options for diffusers, just make sure to get one where you can shut the colored lights off if that isn’t your thing! This one can diffuse steadily or intermittently, for 1 or 2 hours or indefinitely.


  • Vidangel gift card – I love this service because it gives options to filter out ANYTHING you don’t feel comfortable with. You can set filters for language, sex, violence, and more. With Vidangel, what you watch or hear is completely up to you!
  • Audible Membership – A great gift for anyone who loves to read! Everyone is busy, so being able to listen to books is a time saver. Each month you get a credit for a new book of choice. Especially great for anyone with a long commute!
  • Gym membership/personal trainer – Give someone the gift of fitness! Many gyms run huge promotions this time of year, so it’s the perfect time to buy someone a membership! If they already have one, hire a personal trainer for them! Having someone to keep them accountable will take their fitness to the next level. I’m a bit biased towards Crunch gyms since I work there, but check out any reputable gym near you!


  • Sleep Smarter by Shawn Stevenson. I came across Shawn Stevenson’s work through a podcast, and I’ve been a fan ever since! He’s a fitness and nutrition expert, and wrote a very informative book on sleep. This book is easy to read and is a game changer!
  • Food Freedom by Melissa Urban. This book explains allll about life after a Whole30. It explains the whole point of a Whole30, and how to have a lasting, successful relationship with food.
  • It Starts with Food by Dallas hartwig and Melissa Urban. A book that explains the science behind Whole30, and why certain foods may be having negative effects on us!
  • Stress Less Accomplish More by Emily Fletcher. For me this was one of the most life changing books I’ve ever read! This book is for busy people, people who “don’t have time” to meditate but desperately need a sense of calm in their life. The title speaks for itself!

This list will be updated throughout the season!

Photo cred: Jan Vasek

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