How to Reduce Stress

A few years ago when I was researching infertility and hormone health, everyone said over and over to reduce your stress! But it wasn’t easy to find actionable steps HOW to reduce your stress. 

Obviously, most stressful situations requires spiritual, relational, or boundary work. But for this post we will talk about physical ways to help reduce stress!

I try to be consistent with all 5 of these steps in my everyday life, but there are certain times I prioritize them even more so: when I feel myself getting sick, when cold and flu season is here, when 1 of these 5 ways will be lacking for a time, or when I am going through a stressful or busy time of life.

1-Get good sleep! This is so critical to help your body be able to deal with the physical ramifications stress causes, as well as keep your immunity up. Get extra sleep if needed, but prioritize getting to bed on time and getting quality sleep! 

2-Up your nutrition! With stress comes weaker immunity, upset digestion, acne, ulcers, and the list goes on. Make sure you’re faithfully taking your vitamins and eating nutritious meals to combat these side effects and boost your immunity.

3-Avoid or cut out sugar! Sugar can give you a burst of energy then make you crash later. If you’re stressed, you don’t want to be fighting sleepiness during the day on top of it. Not to mention sugar can wreak havoc on your hormones, and if you’re stressed and already producing extra cortisol and adrenaline, you don’t need something else wrecking your hormones. Sugar is so detrimental it definitely will be getting its own post here someday! 

4-Meditate- Specifically, the Ziva technique. Emily Fletcher wrote an amazing book detailing the effects of stress on the body. Her method, the Ziva technique is a completely physical way to help with stress, it’s not woo woo or spiritual. It has measurable changes on your brain and hormones, and can significantly help reduce stress. Her book is called “Stress Less, Accomplish More.” Learn more about the Ziva Technique here.

5-Exercise- Get some form of movement! Outside exercise is best as you also get natural sunlight, which helps with a myriad of things, including setting your circadian rhythm, which in turn helps you sleep better (point #1!). If outside exercise isn’t an option, go to a gym or follow an exercise video at home. Exercise produces endorphins, aka the “feel good” hormone. It also helps indirectly to strengthen your immune system, so you can’t go wrong with getting some movement!

Share below any helpful tips you have for dealing with stress!

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