How to Save Money and Eat Healthy While Traveling

A few weeks back when I wrote about eating healthy on a budget, a question that came up was how to eat healthy and still not spend a ton of money when you’re traveling?

Hopefully these are some helpful ideas! Whether it’s summer vacation or a trip to see family during the holidays, here are some ideas. This post is specifically geared to road trips, not air travel as much, though some tips will still apply.

Rent a place from Airbnb or a competitor.

This can save you BIG TIME just compared to hotel prices alone, which means more money for healthy food or actually doing fun things on your vacation! But the best part is that you can get a kitchen right in your rental, compared to just a fridge and microwave at your hotel. Cooking your own food gives you complete control over the ingredients and price.

Once you arrive at your destination, go on a quick food shopping trip! Before your trip, plan what meals would be easiest to cook on what days, and shop accordingly. You don’t want to get on your trip and have to plan a menu and grocery list for the week! Stock the fridge for however long you’ll be there.

Here is a list of airbnb alternatives, and here is airbnb itself, with a referral link to get you $40 off your first rental!

Pack a cooler.

If the road trip isn’t too far, pack a cooler! On a recent trip, my sister and I packed a cooler with various foods so we wouldn’t have to buy as much on the trip. Not only can you obviously bring ingredients and such, but you can bring fully prepared meals this way so you don’t have to cook on your trip! If you make them and freeze them, they will last longer on the trip.

Bring snacks and meals for the road.

While gas stations can have some surprisingly decent options, they aren’t reliable for healthy snacks, more hit or miss. Avoid spending money at overpriced rest stop restaurants and bring food for the driving portion of your trip. This is another good reason to bring a cooler on the trip!

Ask the locals.

If you decide to eat out on your trip, ask around what places can meet your dietary needs. Ask beforehand on social media, ask friends in the area, or ask locals when you arrive. If you’re staying at an airbnb or the like, the host generally knows all about local places and can most likely give you great advice.

What are some tips you use to eat healthy but also save money while traveling?

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