My Top 7 Health and Wellness Podcasts

I’m an avid podcast listener. I listen to podcasts almost daily, at the gym, while cleaning my apartment, or in the car. They are basically how I consume information now a days, because I don’t have the time to sit and read as much as I would love to.

Today I thought I’d share my top 7 health related podcasts! In some health minded facebook groups I’m in, people are always asking for podcast recommendations, so I hope you find a new podcast here that you enjoy!

#7-Do The Thing by Melissa Urban– This is a brand new podcast, and at the time of writing only a few episodes are published. This is hosted by the Whole30 co-founder herself, and I have thoroughly enjoyed her topics so far! Very motivational to listen to.

#6-The Wise Traditions Podcast– This podcast is put out by the people at the Weston A. Price Foundation, and is hosted by Hilda Labrada Gore. The Weston A. Price Foundation is no stranger to controversial topics, and they cover quite a variety of topics on their podcast. From primal posture, sunscreen, the flu shot, improving eyesight naturally, raw milk, and many other topics, you are sure to find something of interest. My favorite episode so far is “#183 Is Sunscreen Okay to Use?

#5-Revolution Health Radio-hosted by the paleo guru himself, Chris Kresser! He is a licensed acupuncturist and Functional Medicine practitioner. Chris is a wealth of knowledge and his podcasts episodes go in depth to many medical topics. He has also created The Healthy Baby Code, a program to help women conceive after he and his wife struggled to conceive themselves. My favorite episode is “The Ocular Microbiome, with Dr. Harvey Fishman.”

#4-Kwik Brain-This may be considered more of an educational podcast, but Jim Kwik has many health and wellness related topics. Jim is an expert of all things brain related, and he has quite a story. Once known as the boy with the broken brain, he turned that around and is now a brain coach. He works with high profile clients and teaches people how to learn, or meta learning. I particularly love that his episode lengths are pretty short, making it great to learn something new on the go. I’m amazed at how well I remember things using his methods, and I’ve improved my reading speed too. My favorite episode is #116: “Activate Happiness in 5 Minutes with Alex and Mimi Ikonn.”

#3 The Model Health Show– Ok, I totally love Shawn Stevenson. His instagram is full of adorable posts about his wife, his youngest son is hilarious and so adorable, and Shawn himself is the real deal. His life story is TRULY inspiring. From being told he has the spine of an 80 year old man to thriving as a fitness and nutrition expert, Shawn is a hero and his story motivates me to better myself. My favorite episode actually had nothing to do with fitness or nutrition. It’s #325: “Take Control of Your Financial Health” with Jemal King. This episode really resonated with me at a time at a time when my future was uncertain, and I still remember the valuable lessons I learned.

#2- The Doctor’s Farmacy– Dr. Mark Hyman is one of my favorite people in the health and wellness community. His sense of humor and call-it-as-he-sees-it attitude make this podcast fun to listen to! He is extremely smart and is someone who is always studying and reading. He is a NYT best-selling author and has created the Broken Brain and Broken Brain 2 docu-series. If you’re new to health and wellness, start with his book “Food, What the Heck Should I Eat?” My favorite podcast episode of his is #41, “Why Meditation is the New Medicine with Emily Fletcher.” This episode has impacted me greatly, and is the reason I consistently meditate every day.

#1-The Wellness Mama Podcast-Katie Wells is one my my biggest heroes. Her work has had such an impact on my life, and when I started my health and wellness journey, I devoured her blog. When I came across her podcast, I went through many of her episodes and learned so much. I put into practice many things she speaks on, and have tried many new things because of her. Her podcasts cover a variety of topics: gut health, child safety, circumcision, meta learning, hormones, dental health, and the list goes on and on. I’m really not sure which episode of her’s is my favorite, but I’d probably say #34: “The One Where I Talk About Topical Magnesium.” I’ve been using a topical magnesium spray for years now thanks to her research! I trust Katie wholeheartedly, as she is someone who clearly does her research and knows her stuff. She is a certified nutritionist, author, and has a degree in journalism. Check out her site and purchase her books, you won’t be disappointed!

And there you have it! My top podcast recommendations. Let me know what you enjoy listening to!

Image by William Iven from Pixabay

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