Navigating a Holiday Party Whole30 Style!

Last Saturday I took over the Whole30 Instagram stories! I talked about navigating a holiday party Whole30 style. It was so much fun, and incase you missed it, here’s the suggestions I gave!

First, let’s acknowledge that it can be pretty difficult to stay compliant on a Whole30, or to not go too crazy on your food freedom, while at a holiday party. Typically there is mostly if not ALL non-compliant drinks and food served.

Tip #1 is to ask the host ahead of time what’s on the menu! There just might be SOMETHING you’re ok with eating. Alternatively, there may be something that you can easily tweak to make it Whole30 or food freedom approved.

Tip #2 is to offer to bring a dish! This accomplishes 2 things: it benefits the host to have one less thing to worry about, plus you will have something to eat knowing it is 100% compliant and has no hidden ingredients.

Speaking of bring a dish, if you need suggestions, check out my recipe page here! While many but not all are Whole30 compliant, everything is gluten, grain, and soy free.

Tip #3 is to bring your own salad dressing! I keep a bottle in my purse at every get together! It’s safe to assume there will be a salad and/or veggie tray, but it’s also safe to assume that the dressings will NOT be compliant. Bring your own and you’ll be all set!

I also want to recommend the new Whole30 cookbook, Friends and Family! It’s just what you need to get through this very social time of year. It covers various different social activities such as movie nights, game days, kids parties, potlucks (my personal favorite chapter!), plus many more!

For a recent church potluck, I made the Hamburger Skillet from the potluck chapter. HUGE success! My husband and I both loved it, and I had people telling me how delicious it was! It’s great to be able to not only bring something that you yourself can eat and stay healthy, but also to help out others with allergies or health journies as well!

Do you have any holiday party tips? Have you made anything from the Friends and Family cookbook? Let me know below!

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