Surviving Holiday Stress

 Gathering with family and friends for the holiday can often be quite stressful, but there are some ways to combat that stress!

1-Prepare yourself beforehand.

Prepare mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. 

I truly believe that prayer can change the future, so pray hard before you go! Pray specifically for whatever your family or friends struggle with, what situations/conversations may come up, or anything that bothers you about them. Your family/friends may need to change, but we as individuals also may need to change. Prayer can reveal anything you may need to change about yourself as well.

Prepare mentally by thinking through “if/when” situations. For example, if fill-in-the-blank happens, I will then do xyz. This is an idea I came across in Food Freedom Forever by Melissa Urban, but it applies to so many things. Family issues, conflicts, health choices, etc. So for example, “If a heated discussion comes up, this is how I’ll respond.”

I personally prepare emotionally by meditating, so I do my best to do every session leading up to the holiday. Even if I can’t completely keep up while there, at least I went into it on top of my game. 


Take time while away for the holidays to stick with your normal routines. Maybe that’s sleeping and waking at the same times, going to the gym, etc. Where I’m going this year, I won’t have access to a gym, so I already have an exercise routine planned as well as some local walks. A bonus is that gym or exercise time can also give you time away if things are too stressful where you’re staying!

I eat very mindfully on a normal basis and feel great because of it, so I’m mostly going to eat healthy through the holidays but also have those once a year treats too! I’m not going to restrict myself, but I’m also not going to mindlessly eat way too much sugar, crash later, then have no energy to enjoy what’s important to me. I’m choosing ahead of time to focus on meats and veggies (and I’m bringing some healthy alternatives for sides), then I’ll enjoy some dessert without feeling like I’m eating tons of junk on top of more junk.

Those are just a few thoughts on minimizing stress around the holidays! What do you do before or during a holiday? Share below!

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