Top 5 Whole30 Dips and Condiments

The September Whole30 is just around the corner! The way to get through your Whole30 is to have dips and condiments readily available! They will make any bland meal sparkle within seconds! They can also be the main star of a dish, or be the binding ingredient to pull it all together. Start practicing and experimenting with these recipes NOW, then when you start your round, you’ll have some to go to whenever your meal needs a pick me up.

Here I’m listing my top 5 favorite dips and condiments! Of course you can buy pre-made varieties of these, but in full transparency, many of them are NOT budget friendly. I prefer to make them myself, rather than buy an $8 on average small jar of mayonnaise.

Here we go:

1-Mayonnaise. This alone can make or break your Whole30. It definitely got me through on my rounds. I would make a batch of tuna salad with mayo, stuff it into mini, sliced-in-half peppers, and eat them for breakfast for a week. It also goes in chicken salad for lettuce which are perfect when you need a quick lunch. You’ll need it for potato salads too! It’s also the base for TONS of Whole30 compliant condiments on pinterest like ranch, chipotle ranch, louisiana remoulade, and thousand island dressing to name a few. Definitely master this one, because with the endless possibilities and varieties, there’s no shortage of food boredom with compliant mayonnaise. This is a favorite one of mine from Lick Your Plate, and if you don’t have compliant mustard, just sprinkle in some mustard powder instead.

Sriracha- I was always the type of girl to put hot sauce on everything! When I did my Whole30 round, I was so disappointed that I could no longer use sriracha. My husband lives off of it, so if you can relate, you know you need a compliant hot sauce! Enter nom-nom-paleo! She’s made a compliant Whole30 sriracha here, and it’s amazing! If you can’t live without hot sauce, make hers and use it throughout your entire round!

Dump Ranch- Ranch is also one of those condiments people use so often, but have you read the ingredients lately? Soybean oil alone is enough to throw it out, but there is also usually sugar, nasty additives, and MSG. I don’t even eat this stuff on my food freedom! Compliant ranch can go in any Whole30 style sandwiches you make, and can also stand alone! Serve it with veggies, chicken, or anything you like to dip with. This recipe is popular in the Whole30 world, and you don’t even need pre-made mayo to make it.

Mustard-Since I don’t tolerate yeast well, I needed to find a mustard that was vinegar free. This one tastes like the real deal! Note- I have no idea what buffered Vitamin C crystals are. I’ve never used them in this recipe and it’s turned out just fine.

Ketchup. What’s a Whole30 without ketchup? Since you CAN make your own oven baked fries, you’ll need a Whole30 ketchup to go with it! This one is a bit thicker than what you’d squeeze out of a Heinz bottle, but tastes clean and satisfying.

Let me know what condiments you use to get through your Whole30 round!

Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

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