Top Whole30 Tips for Success

So you’re doing a Whole30! Whether you’re doing the #whole30athome, setting your own date, or participating in a group, I’ve got you covered! It can feel like a daunting and LONG commitment. There are a few things that I ALWAYS tell my clients to do in order to set themselves up for success!

Veggied Up Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

1-Remove as much non-compliant food from the house before starting. Pro-tip: if it isn’t readily available, you won’t be able to cheat! This is easier to some than others. If you live alone, this makes your Whole30 EASY! There’s no chips or candy staring at you everytime you get the coconut aminos out of the pantry. If it isn’t even in the house, there’s no way you could give in and eat it! If you live with someone(s) who is NOT doing the Whole30 with you, give them a designated spot to keep their food. Keep all their non-compliant food on a shelf in the cabinet that you won’t have to sift through, and give them a spot in the fridge too.

Sheet Pan Fish Dinner

2-Always bring food with you. If you’re going to an event, ANY event, bring food! Sports outing? Bring a snack. Potluck? Bring a dish. Birthday party? Bring a lunch bag. That way there’s no reason for you to be stuck and hungry without food. Bring some emergency food to any event, or keep some non-perishable foods in your car. That way if your event with friends turns into “let’s grab something to eat,” now you won’t be stuck not being able to participate. Seeing everyone else eat without having food yourself is a recipe for disaster, so prevent this by having something ready for yourself.

Paleo – Whole30 Curry Meatballs

3-Meal plan. This one is HUGE. If you don’t know what you’re supposed to eat when you come home tired after a long day, there’s a good chance you’ll eat whatever is quick and convenient, even if it isn’t compliant. So take the guesswork out of your meals and plan a week of meals at a time at least.

Whole30 Chuletas aka fried pork strips

4-Find your WHY. Why are you doing the Whole30? Many of us came to the program with health or emotional issues and desperately needed help. Write down your reason, and keep it handy the whole round! Some choose to actively keep it on their person, but most people post it on the fridge or cabinets. When you reeeeeally want to cave and give up, remember why you’re doing this in the first place. You want answers, you want help, and you want a better quality of life. So keep this handy and read it when you feel like giving up!

What other Whole30 tips for success do you practice?

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  1. This is mouth-watering wow! Awesome post Rachel, well done! Now you have my mind attached to the kitchen. Awesome presentation indeed. Keep up the great work and have a lovely (cooking) weekend.

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