Vidangel Review

Last week I published a 2019 holiday gift guide, and Vidangel was on the list! Check out my review below and see if you would like to purchase this for yourself or gift this to someone!

Picture yourself watching a movie with young kids present. Suddenly, heavy cursing is used and maybe even a really inappropriate scene pops on the screen. It’s too late, the kids already saw and heard everything! Ever wish you could enjoy a really great movie but without the 1 or 2 bad scenes, or without all the language?

That’s where Vidangel comes in. Many people aren’t too familiar with Vidangel and all it has to offer. It’s a very extensive filtering service, but how exactly does it work?

Currently, Vidangel can only be used on top of other streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon. They are in the process of working with other streaming services as well. They used to be a completely independent service, not relying on any other streaming service, however an unfair lawsuit changed that.

Once you connect your Netflix and/or Amazon accounts and are paying the minimal fee of $7.99/month, you can start filtering!

Vidangel allows filtering in the following categories: Miscellaneous, language, sex/nudity/immodesty, alcohol or drug use, and violence/blood/gore. As you can see, you can filter out anything that may make you or your family uncomfortable.

They tell you exactly what you’re filtering out without any spoilers, and when they have to give something away for the sake of filtering it, they warn you it’s a spoiler.

It also shows you two bars that 1,represents how much you will see in comparison to the original run time, and and 2, represents how much you will hear/not hear.

Once you’ve set your filters, it’s time to watch! It pretty smoothly skips right over anything you’ve chosen not to see. While you may be able to tell it skipped something, it’s really pretty seamless. When it filters language, typically you can see their lips moving, so it may not be best for young viewers since you can still read their lips, but it does a great job of filtering words out.

Vidangel is a great service for families or Christians who chose not to subject themselves to anything in the above mentioned categories. It’s very affordable too!

Have you tried Vidangel? Would you like to give it a try now that you’ve heard of it?

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