What to do During Quarantine

Quarantine and staying home has given a lot of us more down time! You may be wondering what to do during quarantine. Here are some things you can do to fill your time and distract yourself. There are many lists circulating for kids, as most of them are home from school, but this one is for adults.

List of what to do during quarantine

Read a book-I don’t know about you, but I have a HUGE to-read list. This is a great time to finish up all the books you’ve started without finishing, or pick a brand new one to read! It’s easy to come back from work and turn on the tv, but now that life may be at a slower pace, it’s a perfect time to get some reading in.

Study– Many students still have work to do, so continue to finish the school year strong! If you haven’t had time previously to work on Spanish lessons, large school projects, extra curricular studies, etc., now is the time to dig deep. Study to learn, not just to pass an exam!

Hobbies-Another thing so many people just never have the time for. Challenge yourself. Set a goal to learn a new piece of music, paint a scene in nature, or finish a large puzzle.

Geocaching-Unless you’re under quarantine, this is a safe way to practice social distancing with just those in your household. Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt, just download the app. As far as I know, all of these are outdoors, typically in parks, outside historical buildings, or on trails.

Cook-If there’s a complicated or time consuming meal you haven’t been able to make, now you can! Pick some meals that you’ve never made before to keep it interesting. Here are a bunch of recipes to get you started!

Utilize tutorials-YouTube has endless tutorials. Find something you want to learn and try it! Some ideas are: makeup, hair, recipes, how to make kombucha, car work, building projects, home remodeling, literally endless possibilities.

Exercise-There are countless at-home workouts on YouTube and Instagram. You don’t need any equipment. Keep it fresh by choosing different workouts. Try pilates, total body workouts, core workouts, yoga, zumba, upper body workouts, etc.

Work your side hustle-If you have one, now’s the time to really work at it. If you’re limited in what you can do because of the coronavirus, work your social media! Don’t let potential customers forget who you are and what you offer because you can’t go out and do the work. If you’re not limited because your side hustle is from home anyway, then definitely work it and polish it up. Bring your best self to this work and give it a lot of time and care.

KonMari your space of living-This is something I started and LOVED the results, but then life got hectic and I never finished. It’s a very specific process of organizing your house. Marie Kondo has a 100% success rate, and her book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has the how-to. I’ve still kept most things extremely clean and organized, but never finished my entire apartment. If your library is closed, get the book on Amazon.

Here you can take a look at a checklist for the program! It might be just the thing to tackle, stay busy, and feel accomplished during down time.

Plan for the future-Undoubtedly, this pandemic took a lot of us by surprise. So many people live paycheck to paycheck and this time out of work can be quite difficult. Use this time to plan for future success when life gets back to normal! Plan how you can be financially successful. Listen to podcasts or read books on finances. Look into a second job or side hustle. Learn how to grow your own food. That way when the next pandemic or disaster hits, you’re a little better off.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on staying busy other than just watching TV! Let me know below what you’re doing to stay busy during social isolation.

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