When to do a Whole30

So, you’ve already decided you want to complete a Whole30. How do you pick your start date?

First, check your calendar for what’s planned during the 30 days, and during the average 12 day reintroduction afterward. Make sure there are no major events that would NOT be worth missing. Think a family wedding, a cruise, or a dream vacation. If you or a family member have a surgery planned with a recovery period, that also may not be the easiest time to do a Whole30, especially your 1st one. Are you traveling for work? Are you hosting family for a few days? Are holiday gatherings coming up? While it is possible to do a Whole30 through anything (I was in a facebook group where one woman did a Whole30 during her own wedding! She didn’t even have cake!), there are events that you may want to participate in without having to read labels or bring your own food. So pick a time with no major events. Of course there will always be an excuse not to do one, but if you can avoid a big deterrent, why not?

Second, if you could use support and community, your best bet is to pick January or September to do your round. These are the two biggest months in the Whole30 community, and you will find constant and exciting support from the Whole30 Instagram accounts, coaches, paleo bloggers, and cookbook authors. For example, Michelle Tam over at Nom Nom Paleo post recipes or tips EVERY DAY during January. Many health food bloggers put out a lot more content than normal during these key months. Knowing many people are with you on the journey at the exact same time can be motivational and exciting!

Third, consider the dates an accountability partner is available. I highly recommend doing a Whole30 with a partner if possible, whether that’s your spouse, friend, mom, or a certified coach. The American Society of Training and Development did a study that showed if you have a set time to check in with someone to keep you accountable, you’ll have a success rate of 95%! This is why it is SO important to work with a coach or someone who will require you to report back to them. So if your accountability partner or coach is only available certain dates, factor that into your decision. Check out my coaching options here.

Again, a Whole30 definitely CAN be done through just about anything, but careful planning can go a long way to set you up for success!

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